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At Finsbury Park Synagogue, we believe that Chesed is key.

Helping each other is what makes us feel united and part of a community even though we all can't be together as we were before the pandemic.  We are still here for you as always!  Either for a chat, help with food or with learning - you are what makes us a community.


If you have fallen into financially difficult times, isolating or feeling lonely we can help.  Please see below for projects  


"Where tzedakah is a gift or loan of money, chesed is the gift of the person" - Rabbi Lord  jonathan Sacks zt"l

Essential Food Parcels

At Finsbury Park Synagogue, we believe that Chesed is key.

During these unprecedented times with Coronavirus, we understand life is even more of a struggle.  We are here to help our most vulnerable members.

The United Synagogue's Chesed department have been providing outstanding Essential Food Parcels for US members in need on a weekly basis. 

If you are a member of Finsbury Park Synagogue and require an Essential Food Parcel, please contact Maytal here 


Restaurant Kitchen

Shabbat Food Project

We will be introducing Finsbury Park's Shabbat Food Project soon! 

We will assist our most vulnerable members with a *FREE ready cooked Shabbat meal.  This project has started with donations from members to help our members - with thanks!

The Shabbat meal will include foods such as salads, soup, chulent and a main meal prepared at the shul by our talented and qualified volunteers.

(Meaty & Vegetarian options availble)

This project is for members that are not able to cook for themselves. 

Please donate to this important project here and quote reference 'Shabbat Meal' 

If you are a member in need and requires a Shabbat meal, please contact us.

*Members and non members that would like the Shabbat meal that do not meet the criteria will be charged £10 in advance to cover our cost. 

We Need Your Support Today!