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Covid-19 What about shul?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

We are currently in Tier 4, how does this affect attending shul?

It seems like we are living life as a 'yo-yo'. We can, we can't, we should, we should.... But, there is something about being consistent that works when implemented correctly. Finsbury Park Synagogue had implemented Tier 4 restrictions since we were permitted to reopen after the first lockdown earlier this year - so technically, nothing for us has changed so why did we decide to suspend prayer services?

We are still here for our members for a friendly chat on the phone, or to help in any way you need us to.

Although we are in Tier 4, and places of worship can remain open - we have decided to suspend services until further notice, and this is why....

Being closed during Tier 4

As you know London and the South East are now subject to the new Tier 4 restrictions. These have been introduced due to rapidly rising cases of Coronavirus in these areas, as a result, it is believed, of a new variant of the virus, which is more easily transmittable. Tier 4 restrictions resemble those of the November lockdown. However, although communal worship is permitted The Board and Rabbi Lebhar have had to make a difficult decision and consider all the risk factors if we remain open for services. As the risks to remain open are high in the Stamford Hill area (even with our strict Covid-19 policies in place), we have decided to suspend services in the shul until further notice. Your health and wellbeing is most important to us and we want you to keep well and healthy.

Some of our members have already received their first dose of the vaccine and by the first and second week of January, they should have received their second dose. This does not mean that things will go back to 'pre-Covid normal' if the majority of our attendees receive the vaccine in full. We will have to wait for further guidance from The United Synagogue and Government.

Just because the building is closed, it does not mean we are stopping our services to you. A community is much more than a building! We are still here for our members for a friendly chat on the phone, or to help in any way you need us to.

Rabbi Lebhar will continue to provide excellent Zoom/online Shiurim - which if you haven't attended yet, you should! We will still be strongly active on social media and hope to send out weekly newsletters of upcoming events from FPS and from the United Synagogue.

If you would like to join Rabbi Lebhar's Zoom Shiurim, please sign up to our newsletter or go to our Shiurim page.

Rabbi Lebhar is focusing on the Jewish learning and prayers, whilst the rest of us are strongly focusing on Pastoral care/Chesed and everything else!

As a community, we have to be conscious of

-reducing the spread of the virus

-reducing the pressure on the NHS

-PIKUACH NEFESH (saving lives)

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