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How we built our Secret Garden

Here are some ideas for small garden areas and how we built our #secretgarden

We used recycled items as well as purchased new items to help us create a beautiful outdoor space

  1. Vertical Garden - Pallets

This was harder than expected! After a long search, we finally found someone local who was willing to give us wooden pallets for free. Although we managed to get only 3, we are still looking for another 2 - 4 pallets to complete the vertical garden.

After shlepping the pallets on foot to the shul, we had to sand off splinters and make sure there were no nails sticking out. We then used weed fabric which we stapled to the back of each pallet to hold the soil and to protect the bricks from water.

We painted the pallets using wood paint which was the same colour as the Sukkah beams and frames.

Using timber, we secured the pallets by resting them on the screwed timber and screwed them directly to the brick wall. This was done by a professional!

With one pallet, we filled layer by layer with soil and perennial plants and herbs. On the other two pallets, we used colourful hanging baskets to hang our plants on temporarily.

2. The Succulent Living wall frame

We had a sheet of corrugated plastic that was used many years ago to build the top section of our #Sukkah. We used this as the backing of the frame to hold the soil and to protect the wall from any water penetration to the bricks.

We then used cut off timber from securing the pallets to construct an open top frame. We painted the timber using wood paint and we screwed the corrugated plastic to the back. We drilled a few small holes in the plastic for some water to drain away.

Using staple gun and wire cutters, we cut to size 1inch wire mesh and stapled it to the front of the frame.

We filled the frame with soil wearing hand protective gloves through the wire mesh. Once the soil was filled to the top, we cut using the wire cutters small squares or circles for where the succulents where to be planted.

Once all the succulents were in place, we kept the frame flat on the table for a few weeks to a couple of months and then we will hang it up on the wall.

3. Recycled products

  • We used milk bottles as spades

  • We used plastic soft drink bottles as mini green houses to germinate seeds

  • We used plastic food containers to grow seeds in as well

  • We used old bamboo sticks from our Sukkah scach and cut out cola bottles to make a home for the bees

  • We propagated Succulents to reproduce more plants

  • We will in the near future make a vertical wall garden with plastic bottles

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