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Following the judgment in the Supreme Court, some schools will be asking you to complete a Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP), which includes verification of synagogue attendance.  You should contact the school's admittance secretary or visit the school's website in which you are interested in and check their specific requirements, but many are looking for attendance and participation at synagogue.

You can find out more information regarding CRP here


We have begun to place procedures to help those wishing to apply to attend Jewish Schools in September 2020 to obtain a Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP).  The date that eligibility for attendance at synagogue services commences is 4th May 2019.

If you wish for us to verify attendance for CRP, you are required to join our attendance register (see below).  You can register your child's attendance whether you are a member of Finsbury Park Synagogue or not. If you have not registered, we are unable to assist with your CRP application.

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